Stephanie Rainey

Welcome to The Aqua Life Swim Academy!

We are Ottawa's FIRST year round Private Swim School dedicated to improving your life in the water. You dream of a better Aqua Life - we get you there! We develop swimmers who are safe, at home & in love with the water.

Stephanie Rainey
Founder, The Aqua Life Swim Academy

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What Sets Us Apart

We watch. We listen.

We get to know You and how you learn! We look at your level of comfort, identify your strengths and what needs work. We listen to your concerns and aspirations. Then we adapt our approach and the pace of progression to meet your needs and aquatic goals!

We teach. We inspire.

We love the water & it shows! We are all advanced instructors who have honed our skills, strokes and approach teaching others just like you. We know how to get you comfortable and moving with grace and power in the water. We believe every drill is a challenge, every breakthrough a reason to celebrate!

You Leap!

It takes a special combination of the right environment, the right instruction and... YOU! to make an aquatic dream come true! We have the warm salt-water, the quiet atmosphere, the brilliant instructors, the time... now all we need is YOU! You deserve a rich Aqua Life! Claim it now!